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About the New Times Moving Advantage

There are many benefits in choosing New Times Moving for your next household move, but one of the main benefits is the New Times Moving Advantage, which demonstrates to our respected customers, the extent of our comprehensive services and coverage areas, our availability and outstanding customer services, and the importance that we place on offering the highest quality service available. This list of services that we offer our customers is what makes New Times Moving the ultimate choice for your next household move.
We understand that you have options when it comes to choosing your next moving company, but we are certain that by choosing New Times Moving, you will feel and see that you have made the right decision. Moving your home and family is a significant time, and we appreciate the opportunity to guide you through the process and inform you of all of your available options.
We have put together the New Times Moving Advantage, to help you better understand our contemporary and unique ideas regarding the services and protection plans we offer.

With the Best Services, Moving is Stress- Free!

TheNew Times Moving Advantage provides you with our exceptional moving services, whilst offering you the best economical rates. We believe in catering to the needs of all of our customers by offering our all encompassing moving services, and still staying within your budget.

Some of our moving services include:

You are in total control of your move. Any one or all of the above services that we offer are of service to you. The New Times Moving Advantage allows you to understand the options available to you, so that you are prepared for the type of move that accommodates your needs best. This results in a stress free, worry free move!

Household Moving Services and Exceptional Customer Service

Our household moving services and options are only a part of the New Times Moving Advantage. The key element, which we regard with the utmost importance, is providing our clients with the outstanding customer service that we are so often recognized for. This has and continues to be our main objective. Our trained professionals are at your “beck and call” at any given moment throughout the transition, from the pre-planning phase to deciding what dates suits you best and through to correspondence with our qualified drives who will be transporting your goods to your final destination. At New Times Moving, our goal is to put your mind at easy from the beginning of your transition, to the beginning of your new life.

The Best Protection and Services

New Times Moving Advantage Protecting your belongings during a move is an important aspect of the transitional period, and we at New Times Moving offer some great options for your added security. Your belongings are of great value to you, and such, to us as well which is why, when choosing us as your moving company; we pride ourselves in doing whatever we can to insure the safety and protection of your belongings. Unfortunately, accidents due occur every so often, despite of all efforts made to prevent any damage or loss, which is why we offer extensive assessment protection to cover any damage that has occurred while your goods were in transit. This type of coverage is in addition to the basic liability protection that we offer our customers, which is at no extra cost.

Household Moving Services, Supported by New Times Moving

Getting your home in order again is the top priority, which is why we are here to answer any questions you may have and guide you through your relocation process. Whether it your first time moving or your 10th, we understand that the more you know, the more at ease you will be which is why we constructed the New Times Moving Advantage. This is designed so that you are informed and are aware of all the BEST options available to you when you move.