Professional Skills

Take Advantage of Our Superior Corporate Relocation Services

New Times Moving welcomes you to take advantage of our extraordinary corporate relocation services. Each and every one of our employees here at New Times Moving, is professionally trained and carefully selected. You can be sure that each person you speak to while planning your relocation, will be part of the New Times Moving family.
While you are familiarizing yourself with the services at hand for your corporate move, we will be here at your service, offering you customer service at its best! We guarantee that our New Times Moving staff will display nothing but courtesy, professionalism and above all a friendly atmosphere for you while you are interacting with them and getting your relocation process started.

A Corporate Relocation Company with The Best Drivers

You may be surprised to know that the safety qualifications that are expected from our drivers are far stricter than those established by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Adding the right driver to our ever expanding team requires a very careful and thorough background check which is why the New Times Moving Institute was established in 1994, in order to train New Times Moving drivers to be the safest and most qualified that they can be.
In order to uphold our top quality customer service reputation, all of our drivers are required to attend and complete the New Times Moving Institute course. Here, they will learn the standard procedures required for continued top quality customer service in addition to the practice of personal simulations and hands on activities in order to utilize the safest and most advanced techniques in furniture handling.
Our graduates have the highest-level work ethic and professional knowledge, which has significantly decreased customer claims and continues to reflect our objectives and goals. New Times Moving tracks all of our employees based on the Quality of Service Audit (QSA) which rates everything from our driver’s behavior to our loading and unloading crews, our sales representatives and even our managers’ so that we can continue to ensure that our customers are getting the top shelf exceptional service that are so Nationally renowned for.

Corporate Relocation Company with Responsive Sales Professionals

New Times Moving sales and customer service representatives are members of the New Times Moving Professional Sales Association (PSA). The goal and objective of New Times Moving’s PSA are founded on education and acknowledgment of individuals. This concept emphasizes the importance we place on creating an environment in which an individual has the room in which to grow. Through PSA, professionals are provided with the best tools and techniques, so that they can be most responsive and efficient when faced with any and all of our customers’ needs. Whether it’s knowing how to communicate our service in full detail, estimating costs accurately, discussing packing options or helping a customer feel more at ease while embarking on a new change, New Times Moving customer and sales representatives, are overlooked at all times for the sake of further development and therefore improve their skills at a constant rate. Annual seminars, weekly group training, and interactive practice, as well as sponsored “refresher” courses are what help to maintain and further encourage the outstanding reputation that sales and customer service representatives stand for, at New Times Moving.

New Times Moving is Your Ultimate Corporate Relocation Company

As a reputable company with many successful years of experience to back us up, we are proud and confident in the services that we provide and know that we are by far the best qualified moving company for your future corporate relocation move. With our professional team mixed in with our warm and friendly environment, we will be sure to make your corporate move a personal one and treat every detail of your move and your personal needs as if it were our own. Consider New Times Moving trained professionals and rest assured that we will be with you every step of the way, to ensure a reliable and efficient service that is above all, easy on you!