Auto Transport

Auto Transport: When You Need Your Car Shipped With Care

New Times Moving’s philosophy is based on the fact that we know what your needs are because we’ve been there, in those exact situations. As an established moving company, our extensive experience helps us immensely to provide you with the best care and service for the transportation of your car. Since we believe in setting higher standards for ourselves, we approach the auto transport industry with the same high standards, utilizing solid business practices and superior customer care. We understand how busy life can be and that’s why our goal is to make is at easy on you as possible way.
As a full service provider of moving services, we also offer interstate and international vehicle transportation through our established auto transport sister companies. These relationships that we have, enable us to ship your car easily and efficiently, and to provide you with an excellent and superior service.

Auto Transport Services You Can Depend On

Whether you are shipping a car, motorcycle, or boat, New Times Moving can arrange for the auto transport of your family vehicles through a reliable, efficient carrier who will deliver your vehicle as close as possible to your final destination (as long as the area is accessible, unblocked and able to accommodate the carrier). You can select from an open carrier or a fully – enclosed carrier depending on your specific needs and preferences.
Please note that depending on where your vehicle is destined, you will need to take care of what is inside your vehicle since customs agents inspect carriers. Be sure to remove all of your belongings. It’s important not to ship any hazardous, illegal or forbidden items in your vehicles.

New Times Moving: A Reliable Partner for Your Auto Transport Needs

You can be certain that we will be thinking of you every mile throughout the journey, which is why our experienced and professional crew work hard to make sure that your relocation process will be smooth and hassle free. Once you are ready to schedule your auto transport move, you are more than welcome to do it over the phone with one of our expert relocation consultants or online by simply filling out a quick form and sending it to us. We look forward to providing you with expert care for your auto transport move.