Employees Relocation

We Understand Your Corporate Relocation Challenges

With New Times Moving as your upcoming corporate relocation company, you can feel free to depend on a superior moving service. With over 14 years of experience, we understand the challenges you are faced with on a daily basis while planning for your move. That’s why we have built the nation’s most trusted and reliable of companies – to simplify corporate relocation and to help make your job a little easier. We like to keep you productive by handling every detail of your move and relocating your employees.

New Times Moving - New Breed of Corporate Relocation Services

New Times Moving is not your typical moving and relocating company. It’s a new breed of services working for you around the clock, around the nation and with one goal in mind – to be your single-source provider of corporate relocation services including coverage, logistics, moving and storage. As a part of our nationwide, you can draw from our top class portfolio of moving and relocating resources. New Times Moving long-term financial strength and success give you the freedom to relocate employees from origin to final destination without hassles or headaches. We have specifically designed programs to help you simplify the complexities of corporate relocation and to make your life easier. For example, our 20-step move management system – a series of proactive checks, double checks and ongoing communication – accelerates productivity and creates efficiency for you and your employees.

Individually Planned Corporate Relocation Services For You

Our new breed of services is built around you. We have designed a nationwide system of corporate relocation specialists, from drivers to relocation consultants, crews and customer service representatives, who focus on the task at hand which is to be 100% dedicated to you and every last detail of your corporate move. As the large provider of moving and relocating services, New Times Moving is able to command premier, preferential service from our of resources, thus providing you with affordable solutions based on your specific needs. You can track your shipments in real time and access billing and invoicing 24/7, these are just a few examples of the services we offer with the intentions of keeping the process simple and efficient for you.

Our Corporate Relocation Services Make Moving Astonishingly Easy

Making every moving and relocating experience easy and worry-free is our promise to you and our ongoing objective. The strength of our network keeps the wheels of your business constantly and consistently moving. What makes this all possible is the capacity and resources that we have acquired with time and experience, thus being able to relocate you to anywhere in the United States. New Times Moving will make moving seem like a breeze, and we pride ourselves in our hard work and our ability to make this possible for our appreciated customers. We know that corporate relocation can often be time consuming and planning it all out tedious, which is why we want to be there for you, so that you can focus on the ongoing success of your company while we manage and put into play a professional and efficient move for your company.

Personalized Corporate Relocation Services for Every Type of Business

At New Times Moving, we treat you like a friend and colleague, not a customer during moving and relocating. We have your best interest in mind and our intentions are to pay attention to every last detail so that you relocation is hassle free. We strive to be your corporate relocation partner while we work with you to build the right moving and relocating package. This is where we focus our efforts. And this is why New Times Moving, differs from the rest of the moving company’s out there.