Garage sale tips

Garage sale tips

This guide has been designed to help you in planning a successful garage sale. If you follow this guide you are sure to have a successful garage sale, but before you have one, be sure to ask yourself the following questions.
Once you have answered these questions and want to commence the planning of your garage sale, you should keep the following things in mind. Having a garage sale can be very rewarding both personally and financially. If you manage to sell most of the items that you don’t have any use for anymore, you will be able to save money on the shipment of your items and the weight that is involved. This might even be a great opportunity for you to clear out items that you haven’t used in a while and give them to a home that might have better use for them.

Tips for Garage Sales: Initial Steps

Tips for Garage Sales: Get Organized

Think about the value of the items and what price you will sell them at. You will certainly find a lot of value in some items than others but be sure to create a price that is realistic and not one that is emotionally driven. If you can’t manage to detach from the value, ask a friend to tell you how much they would invest in it.
Charge about 20 percent of the original cost. If the item is in good working order and/or excellent condition, the price is fair.

Bring in the buyers

Treat this garage sale like a retail business. Make sure you place your items in a way that will be appealing to customers. It is a garage sale but you can still organize it in a clean and tidy fashion. Think about what you notice when you enter a store, and use that in the display of your items. With any old clothes, be sure to hang them on a hanger and more importantly, wash and iron these items before selling them. You will see how much difference it makes when customers are deliberating whether to purchase the item or not.

Advertise cleverly and aggressively

Tips for Garage Sales: Be Safe

Garage sales attract honest buyers and the odd, dishonest person. As mentioned before, make sure you have a few people that can help you on the day of the move and assign roles to each person. Make sure that you are aware of any suspicious people that may show up. Have one of your friends walk around the area of the sale at all times to make sure that no one is stealing anything, and place smaller items that are easier to hide, closer to where you will be standing.
Congratulations! You completed a successful garage sale with the help of New Times Moving garage sale tips. If there are items left over, consider donating them to the Salvation Army or your local charities. With our garage sale tips, your sale is sure to be a success!